Monday, March 16, 2009

Bears, Oh my!

I normally go to bed before the rest of my family. Usually, by 9pm I'm dragging myself up the stairs. Because we homeschool, the earliest bedtime for the children is 9:30pm. It works for us.

I came downstairs to check on sleepers and get a little yogurt. My way was blocked by a veritable forest of snow boots! Carefully tucked inside each boot, facing forward to the next adventure, was a Beanie Bear. It looked as though I'd caught them tobagganing across my family room floor. I wish our camera worked - I'd love to post a picture with this entry.

This was definitely my daughter M's doing. I can hardly wait 'til morning, when she'll tell me what she was imagining when she dragged all the boots out of the closet and put her bears in them. It's going to be good!

I love my children!

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