Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Secret Keepers

I read this juvenile novel by Trenton Lee Stewart at the advice of my daughter. Stewart is the author of the Mysterious Benedict Society series; books that were devoured at our house. This novel falls into that category, too. Reuben is an 11-year-old explorer of the Lower Downs, the part of the city of New Umbra in which he resides. New Umbra is a sad city, in the grip of the Smoke, a mysterious man who tyrannizes all those under him, including the Directions, his lookouts and enforcers. One fateful day Reuben finds a watch which gives him a special power. That leads him to Mrs. Genevieve, to Penny, to Jack. The secrets and danger pile up... can the Smoke be toppled by this unlikely alliance? A great read (or read aloud).

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