Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Simple Favor

This a psychological thriller by Darcey Bell. Stephanie is a widow with a kindergartener and a blog that gives her the company and validation she needs. Emily is a glamorous public relations guru for a fashion designer whose son is friends with Stephanie's. One rainy day they strike up a conversation and quickly become friends themselves. Emily asks, some months later, for a simple favor; could Stephanie pick up Emily's son when she picks up her own? Sean, her husband, is out of town; the nanny has the day off.... Of course. Mom friends. No problem. Emily doesn't return to pick up her boy. When Sean comes back, they report Emily missing. Then a body is found with her DNA, wearing her ring, in the lake outside her family's cottage. Stephanie blogs every stage of confusion, of grief, of helping Sean and his son recover. But the secrets everyone carries, the lies, betrayals spill over. Emily is the least likable character ever. Stephanie is a close second. I would pity the children if these women were real. I truly hope the author has not met such manipulative moms. This is a debut novel; it shows.

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