Monday, December 26, 2005

The least of these

I've several friends with small children & rough circumstances, so, as I declutter I've been setting aside clothes and toys for these families. My Mom offered to deliver these boxes and took them with her tonight. What a relief! Five boxes and a couple of bulky infant accessories are gone.

Another relief; even though we're poor by America's standards, we're still able to give charitably. God is so good! Many times, we've been the recipients of charity. The generosity of others has kept our heads above water and our hearts hopeful more times than I can count.

Often our prideful selves get in the way when we need to ask for help. I'm reminded of an incident told by Kimberly Hahn. During a difficult pregnancy she apologetically asked for help (again) from a friend. The friend, weary of Kimberly's apologies and seeming unwillingness to ask for basic needs, got a bit angry, saying something like, "How dare you deny me the opportunity to grow in grace?"

If you find your hand being pulled; hearing the words, "Call me if there's anything I can do," call them. Be specific. People who say such things really want to help -- they just don't quite know how. Give them ideas. If you're new in an area, contact your priest or minister. He will get your needs to the proper church members. Be specific also in your prayer requests for of course there are those in every parish whose greatest talent is the very practical gift of intercessory prayer.

Being poor in spirit means accepting that sometimes we are the "least of these" others must care for. If our pride gets in the way we will indeed deny our brothers & sisters growth in grace.

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