Saturday, October 14, 2017

What She Knew

This is the debut novel by Gilly Macmillan. And it's every parent's worst nightmare. Rachel Jenner is a newly single mother walking the dog with her 8 year old son in a Bristol wood when Ben asks to run ahead. Wanting to give him a bit more Independence, Rachel says yes, and Ben disappears. After a frantic search the police are called. Everyone Rachel knows is investigated; her remarried ex,-husband, her perfect sister, her best friend. As days go by without leads, the press focus on Rachel, and she is vilified in print and on social media. And nothing is how it seems.... This is a thriller, taut and well written. I tore through it in two days. It uses two perspectives; Rachel's and Jim's, the DI in charge of the case. It uses email, blog posts, and psychological notes as well to flesh out plot and characters. A very immediate, focused work.

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