Friday, December 22, 2017

Broken Harbor

Dublin Murder Squad series number four from Tana French. Mike "Scorcher" Kennedy is a true blue cop of twenty years. He is given the biggest case of the year; in a half built, half abandoned development the Spain family has been attacked. Husband Pat, daughter Emma, and son Jack are dead while wife Jenny is in intensive care. Kennedy and his rookie partner, Rich Curran, think at the beginning this will be an easy case to solve. Yet so many things don't add up - all the baby monitors, the holes in the walls, the trap in the attic... Plus, the location is Brianstown, now. It used to be known as Broken Harbor, a summer caravan park for the less affluent to vacation by the sea. Kennedy's family used to vacation there every year when he was young until a tragedy occurred.  Knowing he has a case there unsettles his already unstable sister Dina, and doesn't do a whole lot for Kennedy himself.

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