Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Perfect Girl

An engrossing novel by Gilly Macmillan, I tore through this in a day. We meet Zoe Maisey just before the teen begins a concert in tandem with her stepbrother, Lucas Kennedy. Soon after the concert starts, however, a man makes a scene, Zoe and her mother Maria leave the concert venue upset, Lucas carries on alone. The perfect Second Chance Family seems to be crumbling... and before morning, Maria is dead. The novel is tightly written, encompassing action over just two days. It's told from multiple points of view; Zoe, her aunt Tessa, Tessa's husband Richard, Lucas, and Sam, Zoe's former lawyer who is Tessa's current lover. There is ambiguous morality throughout the book - it's not just a piece of fluff, but really makes one think. Recommended.

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