Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Devil's Advocate

Written by Morris West, this book was one chosen by my book group. It was excellent. Monsignor Blaise Meredith has just been handed a death sentence by his doctor; he has stomach cancer. He has also been given a final assignment by his Cardinal boss - find reasons to confirm or deny the sanctity of one Giacomo Nerone, whose cause for sainthood has been put forward. Meredith goes, doubting. Not only Nerone, but also himself. He meets some highly flawed people and finds a compassion he had not experienced before. The characters are all well drawn. Growth occurs. The ending... while not entirely satisfactory is understandable, logical, and I found myself thinking it the only way the book could have ended. The author has a firm grasp of Catholic theology and explains it simply and thoroughly. A book to revisit. Can't say that about many novels.

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