Sunday, December 14, 2014

Creation: Wonder Struck

The next day's challenge is to get outdoors, finding the wonder of God in creation. And I had just the opportunity! This weekend I led a group of Boy Scouts to Camp Drake and we hiked the Oniquisassippi Trail there.

It was a difficult trail in places, very steep and muddy. My legs are protesting today! But we saw creation. A deep blanket of fallen leaves covered much of the trail. The water of the stream was quite clear. We could see deer tracks in the path and deer rubs on some of the trees. We came across a whole section of trees gnawed down by beaver and saw the lodge they were building. Blue jays were plentiful; and I saw a red-headed woodpecker. The temperature was about 40 degrees; perfect for a strenuous hike. Two doe were seen on this cloudy day.

But my favorite bit of creation were these boys I was with... so many different personalities and perspectives! Crunching through the leaves, offering to push each other into the stream, answering questions about the deer rubs and the beaver activities. Chattering so much the birds we saw were all flying away. These boys had no clue the hike was strenuous; they would have taken it at a run if the old woman that I am wasn't leading most of the way forcing them to pace themselves. They were in awe of the deer they saw.

God made it all. The beautiful weather and land and creature. Each individual wonderful boy. And me. Even I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. To Him be the glory. I am struck.

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