Monday, December 8, 2014

Hope:Wonder Struck

The challenge for today is to bring hope to the hopeless. Bring someone the wonder of restoration. I'm not sure I accomplished this challenge.

I gave myself a couple of days. Saturday I spent raking leaves with some of our Boy Scouts. I determined to remain upbeat and smiling. Boys talk about all sorts of things!

Sunday I had to go grocery shopping (we rarely hit the stores on Sunday: it is our Sabbath rest day). I kept my manners in the crowded stores, and my smile. Coming out of the last store, I realized I'd not only left the accessory on so the kids could listen to music, but also my lights. The battery was dead.

The hopeless I helped turned out to be my own 10 year old. This daughter took our enforced stay in a parking lot very hard. I spoke to her calmly, told her what was being done to get us out of there. Got all of us some food once the towing service had given us a jump. Later, during our family rosary, this same child crawled into my lap (big as she is) and fell asleep. So I cradled my youngest, babied my my baby, and delivered hope. Challenge met after all.

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