Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time: Wonderstruck

Today's challenge is to look over my calendar for the next two weeks and consider those activities which fill me with life versus those which just fill up my time. Those which fill with life will most likely awaken me to the wonder of God. I need also to be mindful of the rhythm of my days and the wonder of rest.

As I look through my calendar, I see that for the next two weeks I will be seeing a lot of Boy Scouts! I am an Assistant Leader of our local troop and I am heading up our December outing: Cabin camping at our local Scout camp. We are inviting the Webelos from our local Pack, so I will be telling them all about it tomorrow. Saturday, we'll be raking leaves at a historic site just down the road. Regular meeting on Monday where we will plan our menu for the outing. I have a Leader's meeting Tuesday. Friday through Sunday is the outing then another meeting the following Monday. I also have to buy supplies, load the trailer, and do a light load of paperwork. But the Wonder of God can often be seen in adolescent boys. These items on my calendar, though time consuming, ultimately bring life.

There are also appointments. Mainly with therapists. We believe in mental health and we have great insurance, so we take advantage of that. My husband, my daughters and I all have therapy appointments in the next two weeks. Life-bringing. My kids will all see the dentist and my braces wearing son will see the orthodontist. Necessary appointments that take time. My youngest has speech therapy; falls in the same category. My girls and I will be getting haircuts tomorrow - oh, joy!

And volunteer obligations that definitely open me to wonder... Bible study on Tuesdays. A Catholic understanding of Mary in the Bible. I'm learning so much! And Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Oh, Wonder of Wonders! That our Lord would so humbly disguise himself and feed boggles the mind.

I am way overscheduled  at the moment. As soon as the December outing is over, things go back to normal for us. We're trying to have school through all this. Some days it just doesn't happen (Monday is a regular day off because I try to schedule all appointments that day). Bill goes into the office twice a week as well. Little rest for the weary the next two weeks, but plenty of opportunities to catch the wonder of God.

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