Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reflection: Wonderstruck

I've just finished reading Wonderstruck  by Margaret Feinberg. An exciting book, it tells how to awaken and become aware of God in the everyday. At the end of the book she has a thirty day challenge for readers to become awed by the wonder of God.

The first day is a prayerful reflection of what keeps me from noticing God's wonders. I literally sleep through many days. My energy level is low and I require a nap to make it through the day. But rather than set an alarm for a quick power nap, I sleep as long as I can, waking groggy and overtired.  As I take the kids to various appointments and obligations, I'm often thinking of the next thing on my list or worrying about the bank account or health or ... and I miss the glory of God as He reveals Himself on our way.

He reveals Himself not just in creation. I miss Him, too, in the stories of others because I don't take the time to listen anymore. I have always been a good listener; truly interested in people. But lately I am insulated with my family and I assume I know their stories. When out and about I haven't asked people about themselves so I could learn the wonder of God in their lives. Perhaps this challenge will help me change that.

Where have you seen the wonder of God?

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