Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fear Not the Night

There will be no more from Fear Not the Night. John Kirvan, the author, has written several books concerning Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Spirituality. Perhaps this is why he shuns the Incarnation. He mentions Christ once, as a side note in a long discourse on the devil, on Day 23. I believe St. John of the Cross mentioned the Reason for our being much earlier. So. On to the next study.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fear Not the Night Day 10

If we do not bring passion under control it will eat us alive and in the end be the only thing that lives in our souls. If we do not kill it first, it will kill us after making us spiritually sick.

The cure for this is to our lives single-mindedly to God; once agaain there will be peace.

Restore What is Mine.

When my steps are driven by passion, every attempt to practice virtue becomes a sad burden. I am dying. Renew my strength and energy.Restore my sight. Turn my life back to You with single-mindedness. Take away the subtle lure of the dark.