Thursday, April 11, 2013

Legacy Box - Dad

From my Legacy Box this morning; Do you and your father share any interests? Tell about your relationship as a child and as an adult.

We share many interests: the outdoors, walking, woodlore, animals, reading, writing, poetry, watching sports, a conservative viewpoint, a Christian worldview.

I had and still have a good relationship with my father. There are things on which we disagree; as a child I just didn't discuss those topics. As a teen I badgered him with "what-if" until I got the answer I wanted. Now as adults we can gently tease each other about those issues, recognizing our differences in love with humor, letting the other know it's alright. The differences can stay because the love will stay, too.

My Dad could also cast me into tears with just a look. He never had to spank me - if he let me know he was disappointed in me I was devastated.

LISTEN. I love to listen to my Dad. Sometimes he liked to talk; he's gotten more garrulous as he's gotten older. And there are gems in there.