Saturday, September 1, 2007

Simplify Your Life

Through my most recent study I've been asking God how to acquire a Sabbath-Simplicity throughout the week. I'm a Homeschool mom who's always in the car and we were adding more commitments. I have special needs kids whom I shuttle back and forth to therapy and doctor appointments. We were looking forward to our first year of scouting and the local homeschooling co-operative. I was maintaining my membership at Curves; both my dh and I are in Weight Watchers. I'm a Lector at church.

We've been in tight financial straits for some time....It's hard in this country to stretch one income. The brake shoes went in our car at the same time the refrigerator died. My parents graciously helped us out. We don't qualify for the state run insurance premium rebate program (which we were counting on) and we found out today we no longer qualify for food stamp assistance.

So everything extraneous went. Co-op, Curves, Scouts, the dance class we were considering for our second daughter; all gone. I still have Mom's Group (that check cleared a couple months ago), Lector, and Bill declared we need to get healthy so Weight Watchers is staying for the time being. And there's still doctors and therapy. But it's greatly pared down. Simplified, you might say.

Now I have to get a job. Wonder what God has to say about that?

Worth all the Excitement

We attended Mass as a family...and it was worth all the excitement! The children behaved beautifully. The homily was great. Our Lord is there.

Last Sunday, I went on my own. Totally my fault-I didn't conquer Mt. Laundry. There were no towels to bathe the children, etc. Forgive me for what I have done and for what I have failed to do.

I agreed to use my God-given gifts again in Lectoring. I did that for a Tues eve Mass. So good to be serving God that way once more.

I LOVE the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.