Friday, July 11, 2014

Tuscany Press

Tuscany Press is a Catholic publishing company which hosts an annual contest for novels, young adult novels and short stories. Just before the June 30th deadline, I submitted a short story called "The Penance of Living".

This afternoon, during a two-day migraine, I decided to check the email piling up in my inbox. I found this:

I'm writing to let you know that an excerpt from your submission to the 2014 Tuscany Prize will post to the Tuscany Press Blog August 7:

It will also be featured in a post on the Tuscany Press Facebook page:

And on Catholic Fiction's Facebook page on the same day:

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Now, true, it's not announcing that I won any of the 5-place finishes or 5 honorable mentions. However, Tuscany Press gets thousands of short story submissions. Surely they don't excerpt all of them?  I am excited, in any case, and the news lessened the migraine pain a bit, so it's all good!

I've been feeling the call to write for quite some time. This short story is the first thing I put any significant amount of time into. A book is outlined and well begun. It is being put on hold for a stealth project - hubby and I would like to see my mother-in-love move in with us! Please pray for this endeavor.