Saturday, July 18, 2009

Consider the Lillies....

We all took a ride tonight through the country. Just meandered around, and gleaned wildflowers from roadsides and ditches. Just Illinois farm country, decorated by God. How well He cares for us!

I spent some time arranging the flowers and accent pieces in three vases. It's the first creative thing I've done in weeks. I miss being creative; but I just don't have the energy or the same desire I once had to do things. Thank goodness our Lord still creates! Even if it's just some pretty weeds and wildflowers, He's always making things just for His pleasure.

Leisure. Creative hobbies. Artistic endeavors. These are things that separate us from the animals. God gave man the directive to "Rest". But rest is an active concept, something that renews us. As I consider the lillies we gathered today I have to conclude I am not resting as God would have me do.