Monday, January 17, 2011

Help my Unbelief!

Secunda and I took Quinta for her check with the endocrinologist at Riley. Secunda has Precocious Puberty and Growth Hormone Deficiency; she knew all the tests Dr. J might run and all the exams she would do. She was able to explain all that in an upbeat manner for Quinta, so there were no tears or meltdowns, just a healthy curiosity. It was a blessing having Secunda with us!

After a bone age scan of her hand, Quinta was examined by Dr. J. She is short, she has "significant" breast tissue, and her bone age was on the high side of normal. We determined not to "watch it" for a further six months. Given our experience with Secunda, we decided to go ahead and schedule a hormone stimulation test to see if she has Precocious Puberty. At the same time they will check her growth hormone levels to see if she has a deficiency.

Sometimes I think, "Yes, it's possible she has the same rare juxtaposition of disorders her sister has." At other times I think, "What are the odds of lightning striking twice?" And my mind strays to the possibility of a tumor on her pituitary or adrenal glands. And I'm a little bit frightened. I know God is with us, will be with us and will get us through whatever is in store. Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feast Day Celebration!

My patron is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, whose feast day is January 4th. On the 3rd, my Beloved took me out to celebrate. Primo and Secunda were left in charge of the younger children and we left home in the morning.

First, we went to breakfast at LePeep. I had a spinach and bacon omelet with a raisin English muffin and decaf coffee. Marvelous! From there we went to the Savoy 16 to catch a movie, but it wasn't open yet. That fact led to a quick trip to Friar Tuck, where we picked up a bottle of Maker's Mark 46. (We are both ambassadors for Maker's Mark and had not yet tried their new product - 46.) Then back to the theater, where we watched "True Grit". I was a little skeptical of a remake of a John Wayne movie, but it was really good.

We then went by Columbia Street Roastery for some tea for my Beloved. On to Sam's Club for some staples we were out of. Across town to Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana for Ruben's chocolates at Art Mart. Then we checked out the Common Ground Food Co-op. We were thinking of joining, but it is not a family-friendly place as far as prices go. (For instance, we saw there a $21+ chicken. Now I have caught, killed, and processed organically grown, free-range chickens before and believe me, there is not $21 worth of work involved!)

We finished up at a Chinese buffet and headed back home. The children had been on their own for about seven hours and had done well. That just may have been the best gift of all! Thank you Beloved (and children) for a wonderful day!