Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pixie Dust: Wonderstruck

Today's challenge was to pray for pixie dust; asking God to shower His grace, favor, and delight. Then watch for the unexpected ways that might come about. I felt silly praying for "pixie dust", but knew God would work with it.

I borrowed my mother-in-law's car to run errands in Chambana with my son Christopher while she and my husband went to Decatur. We went to the credit union, grocery, library, pharmacy, restaurant, and gas station. At every stop I got to know my son. His great sense of humor, especially. His helpfulness. His joy. Relationship; that's the wonder of pixie dust.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vacation: Wonderstruck

There's been a long hiatus in this series; but I'm ready to get back on track now. This challenge is to arrange a vacation to enjoy the abundant life God has given. I actually have two getaways planned. Both are Boy Scout functions and will take place at our local Boy Scout camp.

The first is our troop's week of summer camp. I am one of the adult leaders. This will be my third year; it's a lot of fun. The second is an adult  advanced training course held over two weekends in mid-September and mid-October. I'm really looking forward to Wood Badge; it's an honor as well as a challenge.

I will plan an outing with our whole family and my parents, too. That's a tradition for us now. That's where we really see the joy and wonder of a vacation.