Saturday, June 23, 2007

How do these things happen?

One of the children's bedrooms was at one time a living room and has a large plant hook screwed into the ceiling. The bed is now directly under it, but it sits on the floor. My 5 yr old son who lives somewhere on the autism spectrum needs a blankie to sleep. The blankie has one small space where the lining has come away from the fabric. Have I set the scene?

This child somehow threw his blankie in the air, catching that small hole on the plant hook, thereby leaving the blankie hanging from the ceiling, out of reach of everyone. And it's bedtime.So here I am standing on the windowsill because it's taller than the bed using a stick horse to guide the blankie off the hook.

It took about fifteen minutes; we avoided a meltdown because what Mommy was doing and what she was mumbling was SSOOO interesting. Should I mention these windows have no curtains because the child pulled them down in a sensory fit? I wonder what the neighbors thought. How do these things happen?

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