Monday, June 26, 2017

Peace Like A River

This is the second time I have read Leif Enger's debut novel. The extraordinary tale of Jeremiah Land, a single father raising three children; Davy, Reuben, and Swede,  in Minnesota in the 1960s. Jeremiah is a man of deep faith, and 11-year-old Reuben ,who owes his very life to a miracle which came through the hands of his father, has noticed more miracles surrounding him. A feud 16-year-old Davy has with two kids at the high school turns deadly; they break in, intent on harm and he shoots them. The day of his sentencing, Davy escapes. Soon the rest of the Land family set out on a quest to find him. During their journey, the kindness of strangers help keep them going, including Roxanna, who offers them a place to stay during a blizzard and wins their hearts. Meanwhile, a federal agent is on their trail, convinced they will lead him to Davy. This is a great book full of danger and devotion.

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