Friday, July 28, 2017

The Forgetting Time

I didn't like this debut novel by Sharon Guskin. I don't agree with the subject matter, reincarnation, and actually should have stopped reading when I realized that was what the book was about. However, by that time I was invested. And, it is against my nature to stop reading a book mid-stream.

Janie is a single mother of a "difficult" son. Four-year-old Noah is terrified of water and won't take a bath. He has horrifying nightmares. He cries inconsolably, asking when he's going home and where his other mother is. Then Janie gets a pivotal call from Noah's preschool and help for him becomes crucial. Jerome Anderson was once a preeminent scientist, but his research led in a laughable direction. Now, he may be Janie and Noah's last hope, and, after a devastating diagnosis, they are definitely his last case.

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