Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Girl With All the Gifts

A postapocalyptic thriller by M.R. Carey. Wow! Melanie is a child/prisoner. She spends her time strapped in a wheelchair in classroom with others like herself, learning from various teachers. Or she is in her cell. Alone. Her favorite teacher is Miss Justineau. Sergeant Parks is in charge of moving her from the cell to the classroom; he holds a gun on her while two of his people strap her into the chair. There is also Dr. Caldwell, whom Melanie doesn't like nor trust. You're sucked into the story almost against your will. Turns out, Melanie is at Hotel Echo, a military base/ research facility somewhere outside London after The Breakdown has happened. A fungal infection, highly contagious, has struck. Almost everyone infected "dies" soon after, leaving the husk of his or her body to carry on with one goal - to feed. They're called "hungries". Basically, this is a zombie apocalypse book and it is amazing! Hotel Echo gets overrun by junkers (survivalists) and hungries. Melanie escapes with Miss Justineau, Dr. Caldwell, Sergeant Parks, and one of his soldiers. They head toward Beacon, a refugee camp on the other side of London. Melanie comes to learn about herself and makes decisions no ten year old should be responsible for, but, as test subject number one, she is up for the challenge. Recommended.

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