Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dream: Wonder Struck

Today's challenge was to take twenty minutes to write my dreams if nothing were in the way. What fun! I set a timer so I wouldn't get carried away.  And I labeled my paper "Divine Dreams" as a little prayer before I started. Oddly enough, this kept my list rational, with little "buy this" on it.

I want to get our finances in order. Get our schedule working well. Get everyone healthy. Continue or expand devotion times. There are some smaller items to help these larger dreams happen. Exercise goals, food budget helps, that kind of thing.

I want to plant, raise, and can the produce of a garden. Buy a chainsaw to process all our wood. Fix raised beds so the gardening would be a little easier.

Things that cost money include a small car and travel. We'd love to see Rome. I very much want to take my children all over the USA in tents as my parents did for me.

The majority of my list consisted of home repairs and redecorating. We badly need to replace the dining room floor. The windows need replaced.  Those are major repairs. Christopher is in a pink bedroom and he would rather it be a different color. John wants our storage room for his bedroom. Some major redecorating there. All in all, I finished this exercise hopeful and energized. There's little chance any of this will happen anytime soon, for money is an object, but dreaming leads to setting goals. That's the wonder of a dream!

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