Thursday, December 14, 2017

All the Missing Girls

This is Megan Miranda's first novel for adults, and it is stunning. Nicolette Farrell left Cooley Ridge shortly after her best friend, Corinne, disappeared. Ten years later she's back to help care for her Dad, putting her life in Philadelphia on hold. The job. The fiancee. All the people from that long ago time are still there. Nic's brother is expecting a baby with his wife. Corinne's ex-boyfriend works in the local bar. And Nic's former boyfriend is dating Annaliese Carter, who goes missing the day after Nic arrives.
The book tells the story backward, from day 15 to day 1, which is a little confusing but also adds to the suspense. Nic tries to unravel Annaliese's disappearance and see what it has to do with Corinne's, opening old wounds, making new ones and discovering if you can go home again.

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