Monday, December 18, 2017

Into The Water

A novel by Paula Hawkins. Jules Abbott returns to Beckford, her family's summer house, her sister's current house, because police have come to her door. They told her that her sister had died in the drowning pool, a place Nel was obsessed with, and Jules would have to take guardianship of her niece Lena. Earlier in the year, Lena's best friend had died in the same place. The drowning pool seems to be a good place for the community to rid itself of troublesome women. It has a long history of women dying there, and Nel was writing a book about it. Not everyone was happy about that, including Patrick Townsend who used to be the local police chief until his son took over. Patrick's wife Lauren had committed suicide by throwing herself into the drowning pool, with her son Sean looking on, according to local legend. The police don't know if Nel's death is suicide, accident, or murder. As this gets worked out Lena comes to terms with being both friendless and motherless and Jules learns to let others into her life. I didn't care much for this book. It's told from too many points of view, and I saw the plot twist way too early.

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